I make some changes to aa and want to save it as aa1 in folder AA, when I select "save as" it wants It is recommended that files be saved into a new folder. open last saved file. Search for: ... IE and the Default Save Folder. Use Windows Explorer to create a new folder on the drive on which you are going to save the files. ... Also check the file associations in Windows. If you open an attachment from within your email program and then save it, the file ... a File You Just Saved That's Now Missing. retain last used path to location for saving files in Windows 7. original title: Saving to last asved location In XP when I would "save as" a file ie. We then save the first file. As a privacy issue, there should be an option somewhere to have VLC NOT show this. Here's how to change the default save location in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint from OneDrive to the local or network folder of your choice. Media>Open File, or Open Folder, or Save Playlist to File. In the bottom border of the main program screen you can see how many folders and files have selected and the total size. To save a file or image on your computer or device, ... Download a file. When using Outlook 2010/Office ievery single time i use the save as button i have to browse to the desired file path. We have the same issue. If we want to save, for interests sake, 5 incoming PDF's to the same client we have to negotiate from the default folder through a series of paths to get to the one we want. 'Save as' remember last directory location. I believe even WMP has this option in recent versions. Windows 7 does not remember last "Save As ... Mozilla, etc.) Isn't / shouldn't there be an OPTION in Preferences to have it not save or show last file/ folder Archived Forums V > ... Ofcours i don't know what name the user will use to save it, nor do i know in what folder he will save the file. On Windows 7, whenever I save a file, it will direct me erratically to any of numerous folders I have saved to before. The VideoLAN Forums. My Tweets. It seems that the PDF is saved in the same folder as the last PDF created by Writer was saved. ... folder). Windows 7 does not remember last "Save As ... Mozilla, etc.) Example, I open worksheet aa from folder AA, then open worksheet bb from folder BB. When you close your app write that property to a file (or database). I'm scanning items with a Kodak iQsmart3, running under Kodak's oXYgen 2.6.1 scan application. Figure 66, Volume of selected files. Click Control Panel, select Folder Options, click the ... Also check the file associations in Windows. ... click the Down arrow Show in folder or More Show in Finder. 'Save as' remember last directory location. I have this and this only saves the last folder used when the user closes the application and re-opens it. ... thus retaining the save folder across all tabs. Late last week, the application suddenly stopped saving files Click Control Panel, select Folder Options, click the File ... for each MSWord file. the original file. Run your FolderBrowserDialog and save your path to a property. You can keep VLC from automatically creating a playlist, but info about last files / folders used still shows up in several places. I have already read and implemented the answer in the following post. Recently on Last.fm. Now, it remembers the name of the last file I opened, I would prefer it the old way, but don't know how to change it back. We have hundreds of clients and the destination folder can vary several times a day.